Friday, July 26, 2013

News Reporter Accidentally Draws Penis During Live Broadcast

As I'm sure she does every night, ABC News 12 anchor Angie Hendershot threw over to her reporter Siobhan Riley. On this evening, Riley was reporting on a traffic issue in downtown Saginaw, Michigan.
Everything seemed normal, until suddenly, Riley made a huge boner.

You can hear it in the above video — the snickering from people who noticed that it was a dick. Keep in mind, there are people who draw dicks on everything — bathroom walls, their passed-out friend's faces, their dream journals — and now they're seeing a dick being drawn on television. Dick drawings have hit the big time! All their hard work has paid off!
reporter penis drawing
This is a huge win for douchebags.
I don't know if Riley is embarrassed by this or not, but it is too bad that that when a dedicated, hard-working journalist suddenly makes a name for herself, it's because she accidentally drew a penis on TV. I hope this doesn't stick with her as she goes on to cover bigger stories in the future.
reporter penis deep throat
"I can give you everything you need to bring down the president, but first, what other genitals can you draw?"
Ultimately, this is just a mistake that happened to be noticed by the internet. I've made a lot of mistakes, and it's scary to think that any one of them could go viral at any moment.

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